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Vico Engineering

.Vico Engineering benefits from collective knowledge and experience spanning over 40 years in the heavy clay and concrete industries and in other industries that require precise, high standard engineering solutions.

We have evolved and adapted over the year to facilitate our customers needs and also change within these industries and introductory into other dimensions that our products and services are suited to.

engineers discussing jobWe specialise in hard wearing material to enable our customers to get longer time and production out of the products, saving time and money on down time.  Our gripper pads have proved very competitive within the market as  a superior handling application.  we are always developing this area to suit an expanding demand in a variety of industries.  Following the decrease in new machinery supplied, we are pro active in searching for second hand machinery and selling old plants, collectively or on a personalised specification level.  This has proven very productive within the UK as well as export / import.  Casting and spare parts are still a major section to our services, using the most superior materials to suit your demands and budgets.  

Our long standing and very reliable lanyard safety switch is still a top choice for many industries appealing for its replaceable parts.  We are always looking to develop new products that the manufacturing industries require to enable easier and cost effective applications or to enable to comply with EC mandates.  a good exampl+e of this is our DATABRICK which measures and records via softwear the sizes to enable consistency within the product.

Industries Served;
Natural gas, oil recovery, mining, chemical, cement, steel, ceramics, , brick & tile, refactories, agriculture, pump, textile & glass, recycling, paper, food grains, wood processing...........