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Hard Wearing Applications

Hard Wearing MachineryVico Perduro - Specialist's in hard face brazing - the ultimate in heavy wear products.  Protect the areas that are under constant abrasion, impact or general wear and tear.

This specialised welding achieves hardness in excess of 3000hv (Vickers).

Perduro is a nickel core flexible rod coated with both fused tungsten carbide (FTC) and Ni-Cr-B-Si developed for oxyacetylene welding. The deposited alloy consists of approximately 65% FTC and 35% Ni-Cr-B-Si-matrix with a matrix hardness of 45 HRC. The overlay is highly resistant to acids, bases, lye and other corrosive media and excessive wear conditions. The rod has a low melting range of between 950 - 1050C (1,742-1,922F) and feature a self fluxing characteristic producing a
smooth, clean welded surface.

Hard Wearing 2Hard facing of ferritic and austenitic steels (steel castings), applied for overlaying mixer blades, screws and conveyors in chemical and dye industry, food industry. Specially recommended for stabilizer blades in the petroleum industry.

Physical characteristics:
Welding recommendation:
FTC: NiCrBSi-Matrix:
approx. 2360 HV0.1 approx. 420 - 450 HV0.1

We can supply new or refurbished parts.

Characteristics and applications

Overlay which is highly resistant to acids, bases, lyes and other corrosive media and
excessive wear conditions.

Hard Facing on ferritic, austenitic steels and castings.

In addition to our hard facing we also work with Hard Mig welding to all specifications.