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Safety Switches

Safety SwitchThe Vico Safety Switch is designed for mounting alongside conveyors but can be readily applied to provide an emergency shut-down facility to other extensive mechanised plant which would be difficult to guard otherwise.

•  High impact glass fibre, weatherproof enclosure.
•  All cover screws recessed flush with surface - one screw located under reset handle, preventing unauthorised entry when padlockled.
•  Visual on/off indication of switch condition.
•  safety SwitchNo mechanical movement projecting through main enclosure.
•  May be set up to 45 degrees to the horizontal.
•  Trip wires may be set to follow any line by the use of bell cranks. - Support brackets must be fitted to tensure that the switch drawbar is moved in a straight line.
•  Electrical contacts are now all micro switches which can be installed for use in food industry application.
•  An adaptor mounting plate is available to provide fixing holes outside the enclosure base.
•  All metal parts are stainless steel to avoid rusting and are tropicalize sealed for
applications that the switch is being used in a slightly damp or humid atmosphere.

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